Self-Defense Programs

Defend Yourself (

Self-defense workshops and classes for all ages and abilities, covering:

  • Prevention and awareness: things you can do to prevent or avoid an attack or abuse
  • Assertiveness and verbal self-defense: using words and body language to stop obnoxious or intrusive behavior and to keep a situation from escalating
  • Physical self-defense: techniques to end a physical attack and get to safety

Customized workshops available at a site of your choice.

DC Impact (

Self defense training for adults and teens, teaching a repertoire of simple and effective verbal, physical, and psychological strategies through individual and partner practice, drills, and scenarios with male instructors in padded gear.

District Combatives (

“Our Reality-based Personal Protection & Self Defense Training system addresses the three (3) primary challenges with our proprietary training methodology, The Objective-based Training Method (TOTM, pronounced T-O-T-E-M). TOTM is rooted in physiology, biology, psychology, and the neuro-development sequence. This simply means that what we teach is based on how the human body functions, operates, and moves under duress, and learns intellectually and physically.”