Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program where neighbors look out for each other’s safety, property and homes in a systematic and sustained way. It is based on the idea that when residents, businesses, clergy, police and other partners look out for the safety of the neighborhood, establish and maintain open lines of communication, and collaborate to resolve problems of crime and disorder, they create safer, friendlier and healthier neighborhoods.

More information about the Neighborhood Watch Program is available at  You can also send an email to or call (202) 698-0289.

DC Police Neighborhood Watch Manual  Click here

Upcoming Neighborhood Watch / Crime Prevention Training

Dates of next training sessions not released yet.

To attend a training, send an email to Samantha Nolan (, Citywide Neighborhood Watch Trainer, with your full name and indicating the training date and location you would like to attend.

Message from the organizer:

The one hour Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch Training is intended for residents to learn ways to lower their likelihood of becoming a victim of crime. More than 80% of the crime in DC is Crime of Opportunity. These are crimes that are preventable through education and through changing simple behaviors. They are crimes such as leaving a purse visible in a vehicle or in a shopping cart unattended leading to a Theft From Auto or a Theft. Also, allowing newspapers to pile up in the front of a home while the residents are away on vacation which leads to a Burglary. How to start a Neighborhood Watch Program and the responsibilities of the block captain will also be discussed.

The trainings are free and open to anyone interested in helping DC reduce crime as well as reducing their own likelihood of becoming a crime victim.