Community Impact Statements

A Community Impact Statement is a description of how a crime or series of crimes have affected you and your community. This statement is submitted to the Court by prosecutors to provide information that can assist the Court in making sentencing decisions about offenders convicted of the crime(s). While the U.S. Attorney’s Office can’t guarantee what weight, if any, the court will give a community impact statement, information from the community has been helpful in the past in focusing the court on specific ways specific crimes impact particular neighborhoods.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office prefers a single community impact statement on behalf of an entire community – in their view, speaking with one voice vastly increases the likelihood that your concerns will be heard loud and clear at sentencing.

Community Prosecutors and Community Outreach Specialists from the U.S. Attorney’s Office are assigned to each police district and can work with you to identify appropriate cases in which to submit a community impact statement.

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Community Impact Statement Form [PDF]