Effective Policing: Helping Police Build Community Trust

New Guides Aimed at Helping Police Build Community Trust

The Vera Institute of Justice released three guidebooks last week, aimed at helping police build trust with diverse communities and better protect them in the process.

Police Perspective Guidebook Series: Building Trust in a Diverse Nation (Vera Institute of Justice, Feb. 12, 2016)

Law enforcement officers must be able to fairly and effectively engage with all communities in their jurisdiction. As the country continues to diversify, officers must cultivate trust and collaboration with communities that have various languages, cultures, and customs, to ensure public safety for all. Since 2014, the nation has focused on how police respond to contentious encounters, how and when they use force, and the disparate impact of policing on people of color. This three-part series—written for police, by police—seeks to fill the knowledge and practice gap in effective policing, highlighting practical, field-informed approaches to building trust with multiracial, multiethnic communities.

Download [PDF]

Police Perspectives – How to Increase Cultural Understanding
Police Perspectives – How to Serve Diverse Communities
Police Perspectives – How to Support Trust Building in Your Agency

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